100 Days of Blogging -(without a day off)!!

100 Days

My goodness, I cannot believe that this day has arrived. I have actually been blogging for 100 straight days now. Starting out in mid-December I had no clue what I was doing other than wanting to blog. I made a commitment to myself that I would blog every day. Knowing what I know now I should have said to myself that I’d blog less frequently, but it’s what I decided on that day and have decided to stick to.

Blogging has taken me down memory lane, giving me the chance to relive some great moments in my life. Blogging has inspired me to do many things as well. I have put together a virtual diary of sorts, and being a journal writer for the first 25 years of my life after learning how to write it is nice to return to something that I once enjoyed doing.

WordPress has been a challenge to learn and I still have a very basic blog. I have purchased a scanner to transfer my old photos to blogs and one of the many WordPress books to give me a formal instruction manual (now if I only had the time to read more of the book). After blogging for a month and a half I began to look at all the great blogs on WordPress and become inspired by many of you all as well. I have just one day with no “likes” on my blog, and I’m fine with that as I write about whatever motivates me.

I have shared my blog with more friends, as originally only a few people knew that I was blogging. I am also super excited to have inspired some of these friends to blog too. I am looking forward to the next 100 days as my children continue to grow and I continue to experience life’s daily adventures. As I have recently written I am looking forward to spring break (just 8 days away) and another small trip in the begining of summer (and guess what I look forward to blogging about both). Tonight I will crack open a beer with dinner and celebrate my first 100 days of blogging.

Thank you for taking the time to read, like, and comment about my personal journey.


Tieshka (a.k.a. Tiki 🙂 )

ps- The picture above is drawn by my daughter Malina Donatella.

(day 100)


12 thoughts on “100 Days of Blogging -(without a day off)!!

  1. Happy 100 days of blogging!! I really enjoy reading your daily blogs…it’s like you’re taking us along on your journeys. And I love all the pictures that accompany your blogs! Looking forward to more blog adventures!!

  2. Congratulations on 100 days of blogging!! I look forward in reading your blogs, it’s my morning meditation before I go into work! GOOD JOB!!! Cheers!!!

  3. Congrats on 100 days!! I know it can be challenging given your busy schedule. I enjoy your blogs and finding out more about you and your family’s adventures. Bravo!

    • Mia, thanks for the support. It’s not easy to blog everyday, but I’m taking it day, by day, by day. I hope you tune in to find out more about me and my family! Grazie.

  4. Tiki,

    First of all :congratulations!!!!! Your blog is very interesting. Keep doing it , as you said it brings you so many memories but you also give us a part of your life that you wanna share with us , so thank you !!!! I also read your blog to improve my English …. once I was unable to write in English, and a few years later I could write one sentence in English . Today i feel so glad to know you and my hostfamily. With you I kept the contact since I’ve been an international student (where i met you 12 years ago !!!!!).
    Keep writting for you, for us, for your family. In years your kids will love reading about there mother’s past ….

    Take care
    Can’t wait the next story 😉
    Emy from France

    • Emy, thank you for reading my blog and for commenting today as I finally have reached 100 days of blogging! It has been great to keep in touch with you over the years, and I look forward to making our bilingual project come to life in the future!! (be patient with me over the next 265 days..hehehe). There is something about writing this blog that really excites me, gives me even more life and energy than I already have! I look forward to sharing everything with my kids when they are older so they can see that their mom is pretty cool!!! (or at one time was really cool). It is also nice to document so many moments and share with everyone. By the way, I hope we can catch up in person next time I am in France! Tiki

    • Stacey, thank you for tuning in to my blog and thanks for the kind words. I was always a traveler, and then I became a mom. I love to take the kids on little adventures both locally and globally. I hope they develope the same sense of adventure and love of travel when they are adults.

    • Winnie, thank you! I think I’m crazy blogging every day, but I really enjoy it and have a pattern about it all now.. if I can blog for a year straight I can do anything!!

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