A touching post-it message

post-it message

Last week was yet another incredibly busy week. I don’t know what was going on, but I sure was not relaxing. Thursday, my busiest day at work, I received a call from the school nurse early in the morning saying that Malina (my 6 year old daughter) had a temperature of 102. I sent Max for her and they spent the day together since I could not get away from work. I did leave early and we spent a mellow evening at home instead of going for a late night swim at the pool (I am so very excited that it is finally warm enough to swim in an outdoor pool).

Anyways, as the night came to an end Malina went into the kitchen and wrote something on a post-it. I always encourage her to write whatever / whenever and when I made my way back into the kitchen I almost cried at the sweet message she wrote to her father. It said “thank you for taking care of me!!!” These are the kind of moments that I so treasure as a parent.

(day 99)


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