I miss Maui

Kahakuloa village

(Did they just leave the jungle or not?? NOT.. it’s just us exploring Old Kahakuloa Village)

Max and I were married in Maui. It holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately we have not been able to visit here on a regular basis since 2004 when we were married. Most of our family trips are to visit our parents in Louisiana and Italy. I spend a great amount of time traveling around the state of California too. We have been to a few scattered places across the U.S. and Europe, but sometimes I feel like the only place I’d like to go to is back to Hawaii. I am really hoping we make it back next year for our 10 year anniversary. Let’s see what happens… for now here are some photos from our last trip when Malina was a baby.

Holy Ghost Church

Holy Ghost Church

The grounds of Holy Ghost Church

It all started for us at Holy Ghost Church up in the mountains of Kula.. Maybe we can renew our vows here in 2014???? I better start planning…

Old Kahakuloa village

old kahakuloa village

Location: Old Kahakuloa Village; just take Highway 340 around the top of the island (West Maui). I convinced Max to do the leisurely drive (maybe I should have defined leisurely) instead of the Road to Hana because we had a baby with us and it was a much shorter drive… the scenery.. incredible, the road– one way at times, somewhat scary (I love adventure though- a bit more than Max), the baby- Malina, would not stop crying!!! We stopped for banana bread and to take photos. Will Max do this again?? Questionable.. Would I take Highway 340 again, yes- without a doubt. At least now our kids wouldn’t cry for an hour straight.

Views from the condo

Another view from home

A few views from the condo….life can be that good.

beach walk

Max in a canoe

Out for dinner

Around Ka’anapali

Makena (little beach area)

Napili Beach

Heading north on Hwy 30

Photos from around West & South Maui


funky Hawaiian car

Malina loving the beach!

I can’t even express in words how much I love & miss this place…..

(day 98)


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