A Visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach)

Aquarium of the Pacific

This has been a very busy week for me. Besides going to work, taking care of the kids, and enjoying my girl’s night out I also went on a field trip earlier in the week. I’m counting and this was my third field trip since Malina has started school. In kindergarten we went to the LA Zoo, and this school year we have been to Underwood Farms (Halloween time), and this week it was a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I am very lucky that my job is flexible and I can take time off to go on field trips. And let me tell you field trips are only second to Spring Break in terms of fun things associated with school. I will be writing soon about the one thing that I do not like about school, all the homework that I have, I mean that Malina has to do!

The last time I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach Matteo was a little and I spent the whole time in the baby care area nursing him! I am not quite sure how it happened, but somehow during the 20 minute break I took to nurse him Max and Malina toured the whole aquarium! The aquarium has grown since then and I was glad to return here this past week and have the opportunity to see what was going on.

Outside of the Aquarium

Enormous blue whale

Max and I arrived prior to the kids on the school bus and enjoyed some time in the March sunshine outside of the aquarium. Malina was excited arriving with her school friends and after a short time in front of the aquarium with the kids we were ushered inside. There was an enormous blue whale above us.

Classroom action

Classroom participation

Classroom explore tank

We were directed to a classroom where we learned about sharks from a guide educated on marine animals. I learned a lot about sharks, and it seriously was incredibly informative (in a good way) and interesting. I love the water and the ocean, but do have a fear of sharks. It doesn’t scare me from the ocean, but my kids are extremely afraid of sharks. I let them watch “Soul Surfer” one night last year, the film where the girl has her arm bitten off by a shark. Instead of enjoying the uplifting story of how she overcame her challenges the kids are now completely scared of swimming in the ocean, particularly in Hawaii where the film took place. If only I had known I would have never let them watch the film! What is done is done; I only wish Malina would have learned from the presentation that her chances of being bitten by a shark are next to nothing!

Lunch area

After the presentation we went outside to the picnicking area for lunch. It was such a beautiful day and I felt blessed to spend it with Max and Malina. She wanted to go around the aquarium with friends, but when I gave her my phone to take pictures she changed focus and was excited to go inside and take pictures. I was impressed with the tanks of fish, sharks and the like. There were a number of interactive activities as well for the kids (and adults).

The Lorikeet Forest

At one point we were outside and went into a large bird cage called the Lorikeet Forest. Prior to entering Max made a comment that he did not want to go because a bird might poop on him. I laughed at the thought and we continued in. I was taking photos and enjoying the beautiful colors of the birds when I felt something on hit the side of my head and my arm. The damn bird pooped on me! I was shocked and as Max wiped it off of me he made two comments. (1) I told you so and (2) In Italy it’s good luck when a bird poops on you. I beg to differ on that but commented that I needed a little more luck on that particular day after the rough start we had prior to going to the aquarium. The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and I was surprised when it was time to line up for the school bus to go back to Los Angeles.

It was indeed a great trip to the Aquarium of hte Pacific and I look forward to visiting the much larger Monterrey Bay Aquarium with Max, the kids, and friends in just a few short weeks.

The sign to the aquarium

Shark teeth!

A friendly Ray makes contact

My two little penguins!

(day 96)


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