Having fun watching ‘The Bachelor’ Finale!

The Bachelor Finale

On Monday evening I had the pleasure of joining 5 others to watch the television show, ‘The Bachelor’ for the finale at a friend’s place. I brought my friend Lucie (from France) with me so she could experience the fun of viewing reality television with a group of American female’s in person. It was quite the memorable experience! We were the first two guests to arrive to the viewing party. I made introductions and we talked with our hosts until the food arrived.

Rocki had so graciously volunteered to order and pick up dinner from a barbeque joint on her way over. Looking online I ordered a beef brisket, corn on the cob and baked beans. The others ordered different dishes and everything tasted excellent. The regulars of the group enjoy drinking wine while watching Sean and his bachelorettes activities on television. Not being a wine connoisseur I actually enjoyed the night off of beer and had a few glasses of some excellent wines.

The decorations were fun. There was a small color photo of Sean cut out that moved from the dinner table to the dessert table. There also were fake rings scattered on the table to imitate the ring that Sean may or may not give to the girl of his choice that evening. Lastly there was a trivia pool that we all participated in. Mia came up with some excellent questions and I had fun guessing the answers to them. My favorite question was “How many times will someone say ‘incredible’ or ‘amazing’ during the show”. We had fun counting together whenever we heard anyone from the cast use thoses words. I actually won $10 from one question from the pool, lucky me!

We spent over an hour talking, eating dinner and drinking wine. Not being accustomed to wine I had to slow down after two glasses since I had to drive home later. Eventually we moved to the living room and sat down with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and watched Sean, Catherine and Lyndsay (his final two ladies) fight for his love. Just before midnight I witnessed Sean give his final rose to Catherine ( my pick) and I only managed to shed a few tears. It was a “dramatic” finale that I enjoyed watching with the girls. I look forward to joining the group for the next season of the show in the summer for 3 episodes instead of 1! Until then I’ll have to enjoy my other favorite reality shows which I discussed in detail on my blog titled My fascination with reality television.

I had last attended a ‘Bachelor’ party more than 10 years ago, before I was married, and this viewing did not disappoint!

The Bachelor finale

The Bachelor Finale

The Bachelor Finale

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