Firenze ITALY (Florence)

Fleur de lis

I have been to the beautiful city of Firenze (Florence) Italy three times. The first visit was with a group tour that I took when I was 21 years old and the last two trips have been with Max. He has family in Firenze and his mom grew up here. On our last trip Max’s zia (aunt) was our personal tour guide and took us to the popular spots of the city and we didn’t even have to use a map to navigate the streets! We have eaten some great meals in Firenze as well and I very much enjoy the regional dishes made here. The following photos are some taken during my last two visits to this historic, vibrant city.

Fiesole, Italy

A windy day in Fiesole, Italy

View from Fiesole

Views of Firenze from Fiesole (town just outside of the city)

Views of the Uffizi Gallery

Near the Uffizi gallery

Outside of the Uffizi Gallery

Ponte Vecchio

Il Ponte Vecchio “Old Bridge” crosses the Arno River and has many jewerly shops, art shops and souvenirs. We had the best meal on our last trip after crosssing the bridge (to the less touristy side of town) and walking another 5-10 minutes.

The Gates of Paradise

View from the Duomo

Views of the Duomo

Malina with a fountain

Posing in the wine store

An artist at work

Posing a wood shop

Il Porcellino

Basilica of Santa Croce

Malina with Mailboxes

Me being silly!

These are a mix of photos around Firenze that I had fun taking as we explored the city by foot. I still haven’t been inside of the Uffizi Gallery or the Palazzo Pitti, but hope to visit inside one or both on our next trip to Firenze. That just depends on how many days we have to stay here; you can only do so much with small kids in tow. I am far from an expert on Firenze like Paris or San Francisco, but I look forward to returning here and continuing to learn about and explore the city.

Day 94


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