Planning for spring break!

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Memo to self:

Spring break is a little over 2 weeks away and I have been planning away. Last year when Malina was in kindergarten I was able to experience the school tradition of taking a ‘spring break’ and seized the moment to take a vacation. For a little over a week we traveled around Northern California by car. It was my first time taking the kids on such a long car ride alone, but they did great. We enjoyed our time in San Francisco, the Peninsula, and the East Bay.

This year we will return to the San Francisco Bay Area for spring break. Max will join us and we will spend more time in coastal towns. I am a big planner, perhaps this is due to being a tour guide at one point in my life, or perhaps it just a habit I have always had since I have always tried to plan any type of road trip or vacation. With this being said I do like to always leave space for ‘the unexpected’.

Those unexpected stops have often been great ones…. I am thinking particularly of the time I was in Rome and unexpectedly ended up in Naples, just south of Rome. We had looked at a guide book and decided it would be a cool place to visit. Not only did my girlfriend and I see a beautiful city we also continued on to Sorrento which was another incredible south Italian town to see.

On this trip I look forward to visiting favorite spots and learning about new ones. I hope to visit some missions that I have yet to see, go see a college or two, take in a hike, and meet up with friends who live in the area. Our vacation will end in San Francisco. We will stay at the same property that I have chosen for the last 5 years near Fisherman’s Wharf. There are so many fun things to do in San Francisco that we will be limited to what we try, but I hope to try something new with the family. It’s interesting how now that I have kids I don’t find it necessary to do everything I once did when visiting my favorite cities!

I think planning a trip is half of the fun. There is so much anticipation about what will happen and what we will see. Everything that happens on the way to the final destination is always unpredictable and often enjoyable (and definitely unforgetable). Being a traveler at heart I look forward to sharing the adventure with my family in just a few short weeks!

Union Square Area

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