Scavenger hunt for our names

One day I had a silly idea and decided to take photos of my family’s first names around town. My name is the most unique, but also the easiest to find in Los Angeles. I grabbed a camera, and the kids, and we were off.

Our names are scattered around Santa Monica, Venice and West Los Angeles so it was a short drive. The kids enjoyed the little game and ultimately six months after taking the photos I had a collage made with our names that now sits in the living room.

Here is the low down on our names:


Tiki, that’s my nickname which I was given in kindergarten from my parents and the name that I prefer to go by. I have always loved the “Tiki Room” in Disneyland and the tropical birds that sing about the location. Plus it’s always a good stop on a hot summer day. But getting back to Los Angeles, my name is definitely around town with my favorite location being an apartment complex in Santa Monica. When I was in my 20’s I had a friend who lived on this same street and that’s when I first spotted this sign!


Max, that’s my husband’s nickname. In Venice there is a ‘Max Muscle’ shop that sells exercise clothes and nutrition supplements. It’s funny but my Max actually used to shop there from time to time for workout clothes!


Malina, this was the hardest name to find. From the freeway I used to see a sign for a store named Malina in Santa Monica so I took the street instead to track down the spot. I’m glad we took a photo when we did because the store is no longer there. Just today she asked me if we could buy a mug with her name on it next time we’re in Hawaii. Her name is Hawaiian and hopefully we can make that happen on our next trip there!


Last, but not least is Matteo, my baby. There is a restaurant in West Los Angeles called “Matteo’s Restaurant”. We have never eaten there, but I sure did stop to take photos for my location of our family’s names in Los Angeles. Hearing me talk to his sister about buying something with her name I reassured him that Matteo is a very popular name in Italy and reminded him that we already have something with his name from there- a “Matteo A Bordo” (Matteo is on board (in the car)) sign that we use in Max’s car.

Matteo's name

I know I am silly! I love to do random things and I was glad I was able to cross off finding our first names around town off my list! I wonder what I will come up with next! Thank goodness that my family takes most of my ideas in good humor.

(day 92)


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