Trying to adjust to the time change

Big Ben

Yesterday morning I woke up and glanced at the clock. It said 5:54 am. I moved on to the living room and began my morning. Surprise, surprise, the first thing I do in the morning is blog! I sat down and began to make final touches to my entry for the day when my son Matteo entered the room.

After changing the channel from music television to cartoons and settling into my morning routine something occurred to me. Time had changed once again on me! That is why one of my favorite kid’s shows was on already instead of in an hour’s time. Craziness, or am I the crazy one? I had seen just days before in a memo at my daughter’s school that time was changing this weekend. I had a second reminder from the phones at work; that was it.

Growing up in Indiana time did not change, only the Southern tip of the state was in a different time zone since many people worked across the border in Kentucky. I never experienced daylight savings time until college and it freaked me out!! To tell the truth it still freaks me out!!

Indiana started observing daylight savings time in 2006, and my friends who still live there are still upset about it. To further complicate matters the majority of the state is on Eastern Standard Time, but some counties are on Central Standard Time. Researching from the website Time in Indiana I actually discovered that some counties switched from Central Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time as early as 1977. So you can see my state is in a big state of confusion over time change still & many want to do away with the whole idea. That would be my vote.

There are two states that still do not observe Daylight Savings Time: Arizona and Hawaii. Now I still really would like to move to Hawaii and if I were ever so lucky to be able to make that move (which I have found next to impossible with two small children in the house now) I would not have to deal with time change again!

To further complicate things Europe does not change time at the same as we do in the United States! I learned this years ago when Max called home and they were not the standard eight hours ahead. I have learned from the website When is Daylight Savings Time Worldwide? that Europe changes time the last Sunday in March while North America changes the second Sunday in March. Different countries and continents change time on a particular cycle (Fridays or Sundays at varying times) and some countries including Japan, India and China do not observe Daylight Savings Time at all!!!

For now I guess I’ll have to “Spring forward and Fall back” as the locals say here to know what time to move the clock. I am glad to see that not everyone participates in Daylight Savings Time and I have hopes that one day my clock will stay on the same time year round once again.

(day 91)


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