Family Hike – Beachwood Canyon

Beachwood Canyon

Ever since we did our hike in Topagna Canyon a few weeks ago the kids have been asking to go hiking again. I finally dedicated this past Sunday to go out and we almost were double in numbers! Max and my friend Mia joined us for the Beachwood Canyon hike. I had done the hike once before with Max pre-kids and was glad to return. I questioned Max and myself if the kids would be able to finish the hike, but decided to give it a try. If we could not finish we could always return later and try again.

Beachwood is a street that is located in the “Hollywoodland” housing development. The street was named after Albert Beach who paved a street for his house that went up into the hills. This portion of the Hollywood Hills was originally less developed and less expensive than its counterpart. Shortly after his house went up a “Hollywoodland” sign was constructed on Mount Lee. Today the “land” portion of the sign ceases to exist and the “Hollywood” part remains. When they built houses in this area a number of stairs were built alongside to help with construction.

Beachwood Market

Beacdhwood Plaza

Hollywoodland Realty

Beachwood Antique Store

Beachwood Antique Store

There are 561 stairs going up and 404 going down (with one duplication). I prepared everyone before letting them know that this wasn’t a hike in the dirt and we wore tennis shoes instead of hiking shoes for the 25 minute drive to Hollywood. I printed out directions and we were off to the Beachwood Market where we parked the car. It was a cute little town with a few shops consisting of a flower shop, a market, a café, an antique store, and Hollywoodland Realty. We stopped for restrooms before starting the hike. I took advantage of the time to snap a few photos.

Walking the streets of Beachwood

Beachwood Canyon Stairs

Beachwood Canyon Stairs (2)

Beachwood Canyon Stairs (3)

Beachwood Canyon Stairs (4)

Walking the streets of Beachwood (2)

Beachwood Canyon Stairs (5)

We alternated between walking up and down the stairs and on the streets with the directions I printed.

Beachwood Canyon Houses

Beachwood Canyon Houses (2)

Beachwood Canyon Houses (3)

Beachwood Canyon Houses (4)

Beachwood Canyon (5)

Beachwood Canyon Houses (6)

Beachwood Canyon House (7)

There were some incredible houses along the way and some unique ones too. I noticed some houses had quite a few stairs just to reach the front door. I can only imagine bringing the groceries home!

Beachwood Canyon Tree House

Downtown Los Angeles

The Hollywood Sign

We spotted a few interesting things on the hike as well: a fun tree house that I would have loved to have as a kid, downtown Los Angeles, and the Hollywood sign!

Beachwood Stairs with Planters

Beachwood Stairs with Planters (2)

Beachwood Stairs with Planters(3)

Most of the stone stairs were in good condition, but one set desperately needed maintenance. We stopped at the bottom of one of our last sets of stairs and there was plaque dedicated to the neighborhood. This same set of stairs had planters in the middle and our group walked on either side down them.

Beachwood Canyon Clock

Beachwood Canyon Clock Tower

Towards the end of the hike we took a snack break. I always have something prepared and plenty of water. Arriving back to our start we stopped at the Beachwood Market for some Gatorade for Max after checking out a Roman numeral clock that Malina excitedly pointed out. The clock also had a tower and entry like a castle that we all enjoyed.

By the way the kids had no problem with the hike and are already asking about the next hike! This hike was not as hard as the Topagna Canyon one, but having so many stairs was challenging. (Not as challenging though as walking up the 328 stairs at the Eiffel Tower since those stairs were all in a row). Not sure when or where our next hike will be, but I’ll be sure to blog about it. Sorry there are so many pictures today.. it just happened!! (not again)

Family Picture

(day 87)


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