Stressed out by the kids

Dentist time

I love my children more than anything and would do anything for them. They are still on the young side and I have two incidents that I’ll be sharing today about them stressing me out to the point of needing to stop and take a break from everything. By chance both instances are health related. Perhaps that is why I was so stressed out, because I want my kids to be healthy and when the set plan does not work I freak out wondering what to do.

The first totally stressing me out incident occurred when Malina was two and a half years old. She had yet another ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics. I remember the day well as Matteo was an infant at the time, and I was home near the end of my maternity leave. Arriving home from the doctor and pharmacy we sat down to give her the medicine. I recall that I did not add the artificial flavoring (like strawberry or grape) to the drug which was an option.

She would not take it. We had to hold her down in a lock grip between Max’s legs, than keep her head still as I attempted to pour the antibiotic down her throat. Next to nothing went down, most of it was on her clothes and the floor. We went back to the pharmacy to add the flavoring with no additional luck. They changed the antibiotic to another, again no luck. At this point we knew she would not be taking it. She is stubborn and I believe it was a game at that point. After calling the doctor one last time she was prescribed a powder medication that we added to her food.

That day was so very stressful. I remember looking online for help on how to deal with giving kids medicine when they did not like it and nothing would work. I did not like restraining my child to give her medicine either; she didn’t want to do it and I did not either at that point. I am glad we were able to come up with a different solution.

At the dentist

The second totally stressing me out incident occurred last year with Matteo when he was three years old. I had delayed taking him to the dentist because he did not like to sit still. In preparation for his first trip to the dentist he came with his sister and I to the office. He watched her have her teeth cleaned, met the hygienist and doctor, took a toy and toothbrush when leaving and was genuinely happy.

When it was his bid day I asked Max to accompany us to the dentist. I had arranged for him to be in the “little kid’s room” which has one chair, lots of toys, and a television. The hygienist started by showing him how we clean teeth with a stuffed animal model. I sat with him on the chair and as it reclined he freaked out. He would have nothing to do with having his teeth cleaned. There was a lot of screaming and kicking and chaos. In the end we were lucky to restrain him long enough for the dentist to count his teeth and take a quick look at his gums. AGHHH!!

Talk about stress. I had to go to work following and was so drained by the experience that I found it hard to concentrate. Six months later I took him to the dentist again, we sat in the “little kid’s room” and he had no problem having a cleaning and examination done. Six months can lead to great maturity for a three year old.

These stressful and trying moments recently crossed my mind as I sat with Matteo at the dentist last week as he peacefully had his teeth cleaned for the second time in the “big kid’s room”. The flashback was inevitable even though now he sits in the ‘big kids room’ where multiple chairs are lined up to clean the children’s teeth. There is something about restraining my kids that totally stresses me out and luckily I’ve only had to experience this twice, once with each child. I love for my kids to be free and healthy, and sometimes using those two words in the same sentence isn’t so easy.

(day 84)


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