The Bonneville Mill (Goshen, Indiana)

Bonneyville Mill

I am a true Hooiser (nickname for a native of Indiana) at heart being born in Indianapolis, Indiana. In my 20’s I had the opportunity to take two friends home and explore my state. We spent time in Indianapolis seeing friends and sights and ultimately made our way to Chicago to visit my brother who was living there at the time. Our first side trip took us to Goshen, Indiana to visit the Bonneville Mill which is located in the Bonneville Mill Country Park. It dates back to 1832 and produces stone ground flour.

Our stop was brief, just an hour, but it was such a memorable place that I am writing about it today. There was no time for taking a hike or picnic for lunch, but there was time to walk the grounds, take pictures, and relax. Goshen is located in the Amish Country of Indiana and while we were visiting there also was a young Amish couple courting at the mill. I was captivated by them and took a few minutes to sit down and observe them walking hand and hand on the grounds. It was the most beautiful setting to watch their love continue to blossom and enjoy a peaceful moment in the afternoon with good friends.

Bonneyville Mill

Bonneyville Mill

Bonneyville Mill

An Amish buggy and horse

(day 82)


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