Gondola ride for my birthday

Gondola ride (1)

I turned 40 this past year. For my birthday I told Max that I wanted to take a ride on a gondola in Marina del Rey which is about 20 minutes from where we live. Earlier in the summer the kids and I spent the day at Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey, continuing on to a water taxi for a tour of the marina. While we were waiting for the taxi I saw a gondola off in the distance slowly coming closer and closer to us. I took a picture of it and told Max that I would like to go on one for my birthday.

On the night before my ‘big day’ we collected some drinks for the kids, beer for us, sandwiches, cookies, blankets, and were off. After parking we waited for the gondola to arrive.

Waiting for the gondola

Minutes later the gondolier came back with other passengers and we were off. It was nice set up with two of us sitting on one side and the other two opposite. We were given fruit, cheese and crackers and serenaded by the gondolier while we traveled on the water. I found the seranading particularly funny because he was not 100% Italian like Max, but it was enjoyable to hear him sing in Italian nonetheless.

It was a perfect family outing and a great way to bring in the new decade! We were on the water for a little over an hour and had great views of Marina del Rey. I look forward to seeing what we do this year for my birthday, definitely something more mellow!

Views from the gondola (1)

Views from the gondola (3)

Gondola ride (2)

Gondola ride (3)

I'm loving boats (1)

I'm loving boats (2)

Kids after the ride

(day 81)


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