Come count with me (The Eiffel Tower)

Writing my blog the other week of Views of the Eiffel Tower I made a comment that I had at least 30 models of the landmark in my house. Well I thought it would be fun to do an actual count of visible Tour Eiffel’s (Eiffel Tower’s) and share my results.

The total came out to be 31! There are more, but I only counted ones currently in view. Here are photos of them!

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, everything is on the refrigerator, in the form of magnets. I like the picture, it’s us with Malina on the stairs of the Sacre Couer when she was a toddler.

The Living Room (4)


In the living room we have them scattered around: from on top the stereo made of wood, to a portrait, to my largest one that I sometimes light up at night, to a bunch of mini replicas. Note one is a pencil sharpener!

The Bathroom

In my bathroom I have just one Tour Eiffel and I placed it next to a photo of me doing a cartwheel at the beach.


In the kids’ room there are two: a framed postcard (notice the colors of the Italian flag on the braclet that Malina made sitting on it) and book character Madeline with a Tour Eiffel by her side.

My room (10)


On to my bedroom there are a bunch: on the wall a blown up photo, one Malina colored for me (Madeline again), a fun print from a friend, a painted plate from another friend, a portrait (that one is Max’s), a fun card that I often read for inspiration, can’t forget the earrings, the pill box, and a hand painted one from yet another friend, a few mugs from a friend, and one last glass replica.

I don’t collect Tour Eiffel’s, they just gravitate to me. When I see one it makes me happy and when I see the landmark in person I am even happier!

(day 79)


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