I blast my car stereo when I am alone

My Music Collection

As a mom I am a chauffeur to my children. We start each day with drop off and end nearly each day with pick up. (Max fills in the gaps). Somewhere along the way I have 10 minutes alone. It is a quick 10 minutes, but it is 10 minutes x 2= 20 minutes total each day (drop off & pick up) so I take it and enjoy it. I love music and I still love to listen to it on the rather loud side when my “little ears” are not with me. The other day I had on ‘Blink 182’ and I was one of the happiest people on my drive to work.

The loud music just happens from time to time. I have also discovered that my music is actually sometimes inappropriate for my children. I am not sure how that happened because I have never been one for ‘wild music’, but sure enough there are some warning labels on my CDs. I save this music for my alone time, or for when I am at the gym listening to my iPod. My husband is amazed sometimes when he goes to move my car and hears how loud I had my stereo on the evening before. He is also amazed by the genre of music that I listen to; go figure.

My children still listen to most of my music; it’s not like they have a choice! I listen to the local alternative radio station, but also like some of the classics. Two classic bands that my kids love are ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Queen’, not bad at all. They know the words to their songs better than I do at times.

Now we are listening to and learning about pre-teen music. It started last summer when Malina went to summer camp. They listen to music while changing for swim time and she all the sudden came home singing songs that I did not know since they don’t play them on my radio station. Just as I began with my first record ‘Michael Jackson’s’ Thriller I now have purchased ‘Justin Beiber’, ‘Selena Gomez’ and ‘One Direction’ for Malina. She and her brother Matteo jam with the teen stars of today and the classics of yesterday. So, when I have my alone time I will continue to blast my music from time to time, with the windows rolled down, and a smile on my face.

(day 76)


One thought on “I blast my car stereo when I am alone

  1. That’s awesome that you get to “jamm out!” The teenie bopper music started at our house too, about 2 years ago when Natalie found out who Justin Bieber was.

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