I will keep my kids out of show business

My kids as flower children

Living in Los Angeles many people are in “the business”. I originally came here for college and have had the hardest time leaving! I left a few times, but have come back time after time, after time, and at this point Max does not want to leave for Hawaii where I would prefer to live.

So Los Angeles we will stay. I live on the west side of town and you can run into someone famous quite easily. I personally am not a big celebrity person, but did have to turn my head when I recognized Sally Field’s voice as she stood in line at the movies in front of me with her grandchildren, or when Diane Keaton was at the same pool watching her grandchildren take swim lessons.

I once was introduced to the producer, director and former actor Rob Reiner in a restaurant by my husband. Malina was a baby at the time and he looked at her and called her a “little peanut”. That was her one chance at stardom. He didn’t ask me if she was into acting and that for me was her one and only shot to be famous.

My kids are particularly cute, and I’m not just saying that since I am their mom! We can’t go a week without someone mentioning to them that they are cute, but perhaps it’s like this with all kids! I stress to them that they are just like every other kid. Sometimes people give me their business cards and ask if they are interested in modeling. I always say “no”, although we almost put Malina is a clothing catalog out in Switzerland where I once lived.

Camp Snoopy Show

Malina does love to be the center of attention and you can catch her always trying to be on stage. One time at Knott’s Berry Farm she was called on stage twice during a show at Camp Snoopy. Other parents were commenting how strange it was for one child to be called two times instead of other kids patiently waiting. Drama acting in a play when the kids are older I have no problem with, but it ends there.

A large number of child stars have had a crazy childhood, exposured to things children shouldn’t see or do, and ended up as troubled teenagers and young adults. For example River Phoenix, a personal favorite, ended up dead outside of the Hollywood club The Viper Room from an overdose on cocaine and heroin. Drew Barrymore had numerous drug and alcohol issues before finally kicking the bad habits, getting married and having a kid (good for you Drew). Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes (who I originally thought would survive being a child star) are more recent former childhood stars who could not transition to lives as ‘normal’ adults.

Two weeks ago someone I know approached me and asked if Malina did commercials. He said she has a personality and look that would draw people in. He wanted to check with a connection about putting her in a commercial. An occasional commercial or print ad is fine, but I will never subject my kids to all of the dangers that are lurking in the child star world. There is enough going on out there just being a regular kid! My children will continue to remain ‘normal’ in this crazy town and I will keep them out of show business.

(day 73)


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