A Day in Photos- The Venice Canals (CALIFORNIA)

The Venice Canals

I drove over to the Venice Canals on Saturday afternoon with the kids. I love to visit them while in the Venice Beach area. The canals are located just a short walk from the Venice Beach Boardwalk east of Ocean Avenue between Washington Boulevard and Venice Boulevard. They are a somewhat hidden treasure in Los Angeles. Here is a little bit on their history and lots of photos!

In 1905 owner of “Venice of America” (later renamed “Venice”) Abbott Kinney decided to develop the town the same as its’ namesake “Venice Italy” by building 16 miles of canals. At the time transportation was by horse and buggy. When cars became popular the canals became a difficult area to drive and in 1929 most of the canals were converted to automobile friendly roads. There are 6 canals left and one bridge that is assessable by car. I navigate the upscale community by foot and sometimes by bike. I enjoy walking around looking at the water (it is unfortunately polluted), the nice houses, and the ducks.

Boats on the Canal

I like to take the kids to the park inside the canals. When we arrived the other day they were having a party to celebrate remodeling of the park. I must admit I prefer the old park, but as they say ‘out with the old and in with the new’. The duck portion of the park still remains which is great. We enjoy visiting the fenced off area sometimes with bread to feed them.


Houses of the Venice Canals



Bridges of the Venice Canals



Boats of the Venice Canals



Linnie Canal Park



Ducks of the Venice Canals



Houses of the Venice Canals

(day 71)


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