Thoughts on NOT being a great cook

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Sunday breakfast

I do not like to cook or should I say I can’t really cook (I never had to learn). With that being said I can cook a decent breakfast! Eggs, bacon, oatmeal, grits, French toast, pancakes and the list goes on and on. A few years ago I decided to make pancakes from scratch. I looked for a recipe on my phone as I searched for ingredients in the kitchen. The pancakes came out a little on the oily side. I bought some Bisquick and made more a few weeks later; they came out great. I smoked up the house some, but the pancakes were not burned. Now I know to use the fan. The days of making pancakes on the stove are very limited now. We buy the frozen ones made by Eggo. I warm them up in the conventional oven and 10-15 minutes later breakfast is ready.


Following a chicken recipe

Thank goodness Max does the cooking in our house. I made a chicken dish with a whole chicken in the crockpot once. It came out good, but it was a traumatic experience to make. I had never touched, let alone cooked a whole chicken. To my credit I had seen my mom cook chicken when I was little. I put on rubber gloves to touch the bird and stuck my hands inside to take out the package hidden there. Give me credit, at least I knew that there was something on the inside to take out! Max and his friend ate the dish that also had potatoes with it and the boys really enjoyed it. I could barely eat it, the poor chicken. He asked me after why I didn’t just buy the parts already cut; my goodness I didn’t even think about it. I am far from a vegetarian, but if I had to cook meat on a regular basis I would become one.

I do cook daily for the kids; I just don’t cook anything fancy. I am a great ‘warm up the food cook’ so that works well when Max leaves food already done for me ‘to cook’ . It works for our family and the kids think I’m just as great a cook as their father.

Pancake making

(day 69)


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