Interviewing a “deal of the day” internet shopper


Name: Ixel

Profession: Administrative Assistant

Marital Status:Married

Family: 2 children – 1 year old son, 6 year old daughter

Hobbies: Softball, taking vacations & “deal finding” online shopping

How often do you buy online deals?
I am not addicted to finding deals online, but depending if I have money and the deal is good enough I’ll average a purchase once a month. Some months I’ll buy multiple deals, but then I will go the next month without purchasing anything.

Do you buy things that you need or do you buy things because they are a good price?
I buy things that I need, but I’m too cheap to buy these items in the store. I compare ads that I receive with the items online and often find a better deal from the “deal of the day” websites. I don’t have the time to shop on ‘Craigslist’ or ‘Ebay’ so the deals I focus on are the ones emailed to me that are sent on a daily basis. If something catches my eye or is cheap enough I’ll buy it.

So deals are emailed?
Yes, you subscribe to them and I use a junk email address to receive everything; that way it doesn’t interfere with my regular email account.

How many services are you subscribed to?
I use three services on a regular basis which are ‘LivingSocial’, ‘Groupon’, and ‘Lifebooker’. ‘Living Social’ and ‘Groupon’ sell services, food (restaurant promotions), or goods and ‘Lifebooker’ focuses on selling beauty type items. Also there is another “deal finding” website that I know that a lot of moms use that is called ‘Plum District’.

What are some of your recent purchases?
I bought my 6 year old daughter a two pack of singing Justin Bieber toothbrushes for $8.00 and it makes her brush her teeth more!

What is the best deal that you’ve bought?
The most useful item I’ve bought is an iPod Speaker Doc which I bought for $30. I have seen it selling in stores for $60.

What is the most expensive purchase that you have made?
I bought a hair straightening treatment from ‘Lifebooker’ for $99 which retails for $300. It worked for me but only for 3 months which I believe is a short time span. I recently bought a second straightening treatment for $89. It was a different type of treatment and I think it will work even better on my hair. I am looking forward to redeeming this deal.

How does redeeming the purchase work?
When you use ‘Lifebooker’ you buy either the salon itself or a particular stylist at the salon.

Why do vendors use the “deal sights” to sell their products?
I believe it will boost a companies business short term, but that doesn’t necessary keep the customer’s coming back once the offer is expired.

What would you say to first time “deal of the day” shoppers?
I would say first time shoppers should use caution when beginning to shop online and don’t sign up for email subscriptions! I have found that I will spend a good amount of time in front of the computer analyzing all the different types of deals available. If you aren’t receiving the items to buy via email you won’t consume yourself with filtering through everything and buying things that you really don’t need! I tend to overspend when I receive the emails online.

I would like to thank Ixel for taking time to talk to me about her experiences with “deal of the day” internet shopping that has become very popular over the last few years, and I hope I wasn’t the only one to learn about more about this type of shopping.

(day 67)


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