Valentine’s Day in my house

Valentine's Box

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about Valentine’s Day today. The past two years have extremely fun since Malina has been celebrating Valentine’s Day at school. Prior to going to Catholic school she did not celebrate any holidays as the university’s daycare that she attended had a policy which was (and still is) “don’t celebrate any holidays to respect all religions and beliefs”.

Her school homework this past weekend was to write Valentine’s cards for all of her classmates. Extra credit was to write Valentine’s cards for the other first grade class. School is so awesome at this age! Another project she was assigned was to decorate a box and fill it with a drink box, a toy, a sweet treat, and a bag of chips. We had so much fun designing and putting together her box. Yes, I said we… sometimes it is fun to be a kid again, and I have to tell you our homework isn’t always this much fun!!!

Looking at Malina’s handouts from school it was nice to be reminded of the story of St. Valentine. He was a Roman priest who was arrested and punished because he did not pray to the numerous gods that the Romans believed in at the time. While in jail he performed a miracle of bringing sight to the jail keepers blind daughter. Ultimately he died for his faith on February 14th. Christians honored his memory on this day by displaying their love for each other in forms of gifts, cards, candy, and flowers to name some of the more popular items we exchange still today.

Wow, I forgot that story a long time ago! Malina also reminded me of another priest associated with St. Valentine name St. Marius. I did not remember this priest and she made the comment that she now knows more than me and that she will start to teach me, funny.

Valentine's Day Cards & Candy

These days Max and I exchange cards for Valentine’s Day. Every day is Valentine’s Day in our world showing love and respect for each other!! We don’t necessarily go out on one of the most expensive nights of the year, buy flowers, and partake in the whole commercial vision of Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t always that way though; when we were dating we enjoyed going out to celebrate this day too!

However you celebrate the holiday enjoy, that is what is most important.

(Day 66)

Valentine's Day Card 2


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