Bracing for the kids’ first haircuts


Everyone in my family has curly hair. Malina has a tight curl and Matteo has a looser one. I don’t know how it happened, but they did not get their first haircuts until ages 5 & 3. Max had been bugging me about it for a while and I finally gave in. Matteo had beautiful long blondish brown hair and had your basic the California surfer kid look. I like this look and it is pretty normal in Los Angeles for boys. I had originally planned to have his hair cut before starting kindergarten due to private school rules, but things happened differently.

Yikes! Haircut time

We arrived to the children’s hair salon and were greeted by friendly staff, a great hair dresser, and a kid friendly environment with rides, cookie jars at each station, balloons and other small tokens for the kids as they departed. Sitting down Matteo began to cry and I almost cried too. Little by little his locks of hair hit the floor until the cutting was done. I did not like his short hair at first, although I did think it helped define his face. Slowly the short hair grew on me as did styling with mouse daily. Bath time became easier and tear free without any tangles to deal with after the cut. He has gone back for two more haircuts with no tears (from him or me) and after the last cut a month or so ago I am once again torn on whether we will have his hair cut it again. It may just be a trim of the bangs in the house next time… we’ll see.

After the Haircut

Malina had a haircut at the same time as Matteo because her brother was having one. Originally she liked it, but ultimately thought she would not like to have one again. It’ll be occasional trims for her for the next few years!

(Day 65)


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