Motivating to Iron the Clothes

Time to iron!

I am a busy person. I work full time and am a full time wife and mother. After work I am exhausted but then switch back to mommy & wife mode. I love to go out and do fun things with my family. I have already mentioned that I am not a big cleaner. One thing that I hate to do along with cleaning is ironing!!

In Italy my mother-in-law irons everything, even the underwear. Here I iron next to nothing, and if I need to iron it can take me weeks to do so. The photo above is a picture of what I needed to iron. You may wonder why such a big pile or clothes? Well these items need name labels ironed onto them. I label all of Matteo’s clothes and Malina’s school clothes. The kids constantly lose their clothes at school and if I don’t have a label on them chances are these items won’t make it back home.

This particular pile of clothes laid on the edge of the couch for more than 2 weeks. I finally motivated myself to iron them yesterday morning. Now I can relax since I won’t have to bring the iron out for another two to three months I hope!

Small accomplishments are made each day!!

(day 63)


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