Views and Climbing the Tour Eiffel

The Tour Eiffel

I love the Tour Eiffel, or as we say in English the ‘Eiffel Tower’. I have at least 30 models of the Tour Eiffel in my home, sizes ranging from a small key chain hanging by the door to as large as a 3″ 6′ (three feet 6 inches) one with lights on it in our living room (note: same height as my son). Whenever I go to Paris I must take some time to visit this spot.

On our last trip I was ambitious and we walked up the stairs to the first floor viewing area. We had arrived to the Tour Eiffel late morning and the lines were incredibly long. The only short line was the one for the stairs. With two small children (ages 2 & 4 at the time), two umbrella strollers, and a diaper bag (that I carried up the stairs) we attempted and succeeded at walking up the 328 stairs to the first floor. You can continue to the second floor, but that was it for us. Matteo and I took it stair, by stair, by stair, as Max and Malina zoomed past us! Max thought I was crazy to want to do it, but not knowing when our next trip to Paris would be I didn’t even think about it, and was off to the ticket booth.

Here are some photos of one of my favorite places in Paris. Enjoy!

Exhibit on The Tour Eiffel

Malina enjoying the Tour Eiffel

There were activities for kids on the first floor of the Tour Effiel during our last visit. Gustave (Gus) Eiffel built this monument.

The stairs, The Tour Eiffel

Yep, I had to take a photo of how many stairs we went up to reach the first floor vieiwng area. Next time we’ll shoot for the second floor. Should be easier with older kids and no strollers or diaper bag!!

Looking out from the Tour Eiffel

View from the stairs, The Tour Eiffel

One last shot before reaching the ground.

View from below, The Tour Eiffel

Photo under the Tour Eiffel!

Countdown to year 2000!

There was a sign counting down to the new millennium on the Tour Eiffel prior to 2000. I loved visiting Paris from time to time during this period seeing how close we were to the new century.

The Tour Eiffel

View on an overcast day

View from Montmartre

View from the second highest point in Paris, Montmartre

Now it’s time to count exactly how many Tour Eiffel’s are in my place & do a little daydreaming about my favorite place to be.

(day 62)


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