Taking every moment I can to enjoy my kids!

Ice skating fun

My daughter Malina has not had school the last three Fridays. One week she did daycare, one week she spent her afternoon with me at work, and yesterday I took a half day to hang out with her. We started our afternoon eating lunch with my husband Max. That alone was a great moment. Neither of us has many opportunities to spend with just one kid, let alone both of us with one child. Well today was our lucky day!

When she does not have school I try to do a special activity with her. She loves to eat lunch out so we go to eat at her favorite restaurants (and two of three are fast food). She loves to go to the movies. Today I thought of doing this, but currently there are no children’s movies playing in the theater. How can that be with so many kids in this world?? They always show a children’s movie in Hollywood at Disney’s ‘El Capitan Theater’ but driving there and back could take an hour and a half. It was not a consideration today since we still had to pick up her brother from school on time.

Malina Iceskating

The next idea was a definite ‘yes’ for me, ice skating! Growing up in Indianapolis I learned how to skate as a kid and still own a rather tight pair of ice skates. I pulled them out, hid them in a bag, packed up some gloves & hats, and we were off. A friend met us at the rink and what a fun afternoon we had. Spending time with the kids away from daily life is such a joy and something I need to do from time to time. Having that one on one time is even more important. It was a fun two hours skating around the rink, being silly, enjoying friendship, and being a mother. My kids are still little, but I’m sure before I know it they will be teenagers, adults and off on their own. While they are little I am going to take every moment I can to enjoy my little munchkins!

(day 61)


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