Thoughts on Football, Basketball & Baseball on this Super Bowl Sunday

Enjoying a Football Game

I like to watch and participate in sports, although I must admit I am particular to which sports I like. Football is a cool sport to watch live, but I have only seen one professional game live. I heard that the Super Bowl is today and in our house the game will not be turned on. I do like to watch the halftime show though, so if we are around I will turn on the television for halftime. I think we will take advantage of so many people being in front of the television and go outlet shopping! With all that being said I must say, “Go 49er’s” since I am a big fan of the city of San Francisco. Being married to an Italian has it benefits, one of which is that we are not always watching sports on television. I’ll admit Max likes the Lakers basketball, but other than that I am safe.

I am from Indiana and I do not like basketball. Indiana is known for basketball and the NCAA’s (National Collegiate Athletic Association) headquarters are in Indianapolis. One year after college I was lucky enough to visit town with friends when they held the the college Final Four Basketball Championships here. I have gone to some of the activities surrounding the event, but never to the games. Last words on basketball, in high school I was an extra for the film ‘Hoosiers’ (film centered around basketball) which starred Gene Hackman and Barbara Hershey. Cool movie, but still not into the sport.

I am not a big baseball fan either. I have been to a few Dodger games over the years, but since the tragedy a few years ago where a fan was beaten to the point of hospitalization I decided I won’t attend a game in Los Angeles with the kids. We will stick with driving to down to Anaheim to watch the Angels play. I did take the kids to a college baseball game and Matteo was amazed by the event, what fun! They have also been to college football and basketball games for two of the local colleges in town for exposure to the sports.

I have a feeling that Matteo will like to play baseball, basketball and football. I prepare for the days of watching him have fun playing them, but for now we will keep to tennis and swimming. (see blogs day 11 “I love to swim!!” and day 21 “love, 15, 30, 40, game- my passion for tennis”)

(day 55)


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Football, Basketball & Baseball on this Super Bowl Sunday

  1. I had no idea you were in Hoosiers! Alex loves that movie. I have to say basketball is my least favorite sport to watch. I love baseball though. But haven’t been to a live game since Max was born. Max has been to two Cal Basketball games already with Alex.

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