Health Screening, A Mammogram Visit

Gondola ride (4)

I am getting old. This past year I turned the big “40”. To celebrate we took a family gondola ride in Marina del Rey. The kids and I saw the lone gondola in the area while spending an afternoon taking water taxis around the marina. I cannot believe that I am 40! I was glad that only one person referenced my age on Facebook!!

I am going to say that age is only a number. I sure don’t feel 40. I feel more like 35, maybe it is the new 40. Being 40 I have decided I really do not want any more children. Yes, I can still have kids at 40, but I have my hands full with the two little ones I have now, and really couldn’t afford another little person. Not to mention all the screenings you have to go through during pregnancy once you reach the age of 35; at age 40 they add even more tests.

That brings me to another test strongly suggested test at age 40 for women, a mammogram. I waited until December to go to the doctor for my annual check-up this year. My birthday is in mid-August and it took me a few months to get on track. Being 40 my doctor gave me a doctor’s order for a mammogram. I called to make an appointment and two days later I was at the women’s health center for an appointment.

Not knowing what to except I ‘You Tubed’ mammograms to be informed about the screening procedure. The day of my appointment I was in and out of the screening room in 45 minutes. Results came by mail shortly after; my test results came back normal. It was a simple procedure and I highly recommend that all women have it done on a regular schedule once they reach age 40. It is recommended by the American College of Radiology and the Society of Breast Imaging to have a mammogram starting at age 30 at the latest if you have a higher-than-average risk of breast cancer.

Preventative healthcare is the best. I am fortunate to have health insurance, if you don’t have health insurance go to a clinic for your annual tests. And do go for all suggested screening tests, it is better to catch any problems earlier than later to fight whatever is going on.

(day 54)


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