A day in the life of a working mother

The kids being silly

Driving home directly from work today I thought I would blog a few words about being a working mother, and salute all the working mothers out there. My regular routine has me dropping off and picking up the kids most days; Max’s schedule is such that he can’t help much here, but he does what he can. Today was one of those days where he could pick up the kids and I was excited to go home straight and relax 30 minutes or so before my little monsters came home. I considered opening up a beer arriving home, but instead sat on the couch watching “The Brady Bunch” while I put together yet another new toy from Matteo’s birthday. Can I tell you boy toys are so much more complicated to assemble than girl toys. Luckily this toy wasn’t so complicated!

As a working mother I really have to organize my time. I am a morning person so I am up early before the kids preparing for the new day. After getting ready I wake them up one by one and we dress, eat breakfast, and become presentable for the outside world. And we’re off…I have to be on time for Malina and I; Matteo being in daycare can show up at any time. Luckily we do not have a commute so it’s really a matter of stopping here and there, talking with teachers and continuing on.

Arriving to work I have already been up at least 2 hours. Work is my ‘break’ of sorts and then I continue on. Weekends are super busy; there is always a party or an event to go to. And with free time we are often out too. Thank goodness for the occasional holiday or family vacations. I really know how to enjoy them.

I enjoy devoting free time to the BoxTop program at Matteo’s school and I am on the Parenting Group Board at the university where I work. There is so much for us working mothers to do. I am a big advocate for the working mom. Having returned to work with my son just 2 months of age I continued to pump for 10 months for his benefit. Not too many lactation rooms out there for the working mom. And it is a headache finding daycare for your small kids too. I have some experience with these challenges and like to share my knowledge with those new to motherhood.

I would love to work part-time to pick up Malina when school ends instead of picking her up from daycare a few hours later. Unfortunately I can’t do that right now, but I do occasionally have the opportunity to do this and treasure those days. I enjoy when the kids have a day off too as I usually time the day off and have some extra time with them. I also enjoy the weekly babysitter visit so I can unwind for a few hours and do chores, go to the gym or play a little tennis.

It is not easy to be a working mom, but almost 6.5 years years into motherhood I have learned how to balance it all out the best I can and thank goodness I don’t do much of the cooking!

(day 51)


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