Milestones for Kids- Losing a tooth

Malina's toothless smile

Last week Malina lost a tooth. It was her 6th tooth to go. It was a front tooth, her second in the top front, so now she has the beautiful toothless grin. She lost her first tooth on her last day of being 4 years old. Now I watch them go one by one.

Being an adult I had forgotten about all the excitement and joy of losing a tooth until she reached this stage of her life. At school they go to the nurse for help and if they are lucky it comes out and they receive a plastic tooth on a string to store their tooth which they wear on their neck. They also are given a sticker and have their name written on the board on the ‘I lost a tooth this month’ list. I really enjoy watching them all go up to each other smile and jump up and down marveling over the missing tooth.

At home I let Max take care of taking the tooth out. She likes to hold her brother’s hand as he gives it a gentle pull. Her last tooth would not come out with his help. In the end it was barely holding on as she was sitting reading a book rubbing her tongue along it. And then BAM it fell out all on its own, thank goodness.

The best thing about losing a tooth is the tooth fairy. Malina made out quite well with the first tooth, I believe it was a $20 payout; not bad for one tooth! Now we vary the amount, but it’s never less than $10. Her little brother Matteo is afraid of the tooth fairy. Since the kids share a room we now have to leave the money for her in the kitchen instead of under her pillow. The poor little guy can’t sleep thinking about some strange fairy coming in his room.

The dentist says she’s moving along just right with the whole process and sooner than later it’ll be time for adult teeth, braces, and the grown up world. For now I enjoy having a 6 year old excitedly jumping up and down each time she has a wiggly tooth.

(day 50)


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