I’d like to welcome you to the world of Disney Vinylmation

My Vinylmation Collection

I first heard of Vinylmation while I was at work. There was a story in the school paper about a collector of Vinylmation who kept his figures at work. I stared at the photo and saw these cute Mickey Mouse figures decorated in various fashions. The photo was in color and I loved seeing the bright colors. Disney introduced Vinylmation is their parks in November of 2008.

Researching I found that they could be found in different spots around Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks in Anaheim, California. I also discovered that they come in different sizes with different themes, artists, colors and patterns. After reading the article I decided to become a collector. Knowing I would be visiting Disneyland in the summer I prepared for my first purchase.

I ended up buying 2 figures on Main Street in the Disneyland Park. They came in boxes that belonged in two different series. Glancing at the first box I knew I had one of the many Vinylmation characters described on the outside. I enjoyed not knowing who I would end up with. The two Vinylmation characters to the left on the photo above were soon in my possession.

A year later returning to Disneyland I added 2 more Vinylmation figures to my collection. On this visit I located Vinylmation figures that were no longer in hidden boxes so some of the fun was taken away. I later learned that these type of figures are not limited edition so you see what you are buying. The good thing was that I could now choose what style I liked. I ended up with a ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ character purchased from a store in the New Orleans Square part of the park. My second addition was a bright multicolored Mickey Mouse figure. All figures are on display in my living room.

Recently shopping at the Disney Store for the kids I found some Vinylmation on display. I asked how long they had been selling outside of the park and was told a few years. Obviously I hadn’t shopped in the Disney Store for quite some time. I did not buy any on that day because it was too easy to purchase them. I like a little challenge when I do things and buying at a local store faced no challenge.

When I return to Disneyland next I will do my best to buy some of the limited edition figures and attempt to grow my collection. I hope you too will join in and start to collect some Vinylmation whether it be at a Disney theme park or a Disney store.

(day 42)


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