My Kids love to rock it out with Chuck E Cheese

The Star Mr. Chuck E Cheese

If you don’t have kids maybe you do not know who Chuck E Cheese is. He is a mouse that is the name sake of a pizza parlor and arcade for children. Today we were so lucky to grace our presence at the local Chuck E Cheese restaurant to celebrate Matteo’s 4th birthday. Let me tell you, this mouse named Chuck E Cheese really knows how to put on a good party.

So the way it works is that you buy tons of tokens and play arcade style games. The games are supposed to be for the kids, but big kids are known to play games too. A great perk of this place is that your kids can not leave with out showing a matching stamp that they place on everyone’s hand.. so you know that no one is taking your kids – so relax and enjoy unless you have a toddler.

Today I was able to play for a good 10 minutes before it became time to be a party host. We did a small gathering with eight kids and their parents, a few single friends, and my parents. Yes, this is a small gathering since I usually have at least 20 kids at the larger birthday parties. All the kids had tokens, Chuck E Cheese cups, Chuck E Cheese balloons, and of course an extra cool grab bags since I had such a small group.

The highlight of the party features Chuck E Cheese who sings, dances and rocks it out with the kids. Their energy is incredible when he appears. Although Matteo first avoided taking photos next to Chuck E Cheese, due to his fear of people dressed in costumes, he later warmed up to the idea of photos with him when everyone else wanted to strike a pose. I should rephrase the title of today’s blog to ‘My daughter loves to rock it out next to Chuck E Cheese and my son likes to rock it out next to mamma’.

So there was dancing, singing and eating cake. All fun things that kids like to do. Matteo’s party was a definite success thanks to Mr. Chuck E Cheese and all the fun things to do on our visit. Now I can relax on the party planning until the next birthday in September for his sister. She wants to go to Chuck E Cheese as well, but one party here a year is more than enough!

(day 41)


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