Fondue Night at My Place!

Malina dipping fondue

I was looking in the china cabinet one day where we keep china, liquor and glassware when I noticed a fondue pot. I think most of us have them. Ours came as a wedding gift that was never used. Well that finally changed after 8 years of marriage. One night I took out the fondue pot and cleaned it up.

There were no instructions on how to use it and I did not see a heating unit. The internet came to the rescue once again as I decided to melt chocolate on the stove and then transfer to the fondue pot. I would keep the chocolate warm with a tealight candle underneath.

After dinner I started dicing and putting together anything and everything that might be good with chocolate: apples, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows. That was a good beginning. Then it was time to introduce the kids to the world of fondue. We sat around the table with music playing in the background and the dipping began. We ate, and we ate, and we ate. It was a very fun activity and we ate delicious fondue. We even made a little song up, “We’re going to make fondue tonight, we’re going to make fondue tonight.” There was so much chocolate when we finished that I had to throw it out; but we sure did manage to eat all the treats that we dipped into it.

Teo the fondue fanatic

After the initial dipping night we had two more fondue nights last year, one with Max, and another without. Next week we’ll be going for our first fondue night of the year with my parents who are in town visiting. Boy are they in for a treat because soon the kids will be chanting “We’re going to eat fondue tonight” as we have a fun family evening sitting around the table, dipping chocolate, and talking.

(day 39)


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