Here is a basic French lesson for your trip to France

Family Photo with the Tour Eiffel

Today I am going to try something different. My blog will share some basic French words and phrases that you can use when visiting France, or another French speaking country. I studied French in high school primarily, with a few classes in college. After that period I practiced what I learned with some conversation classes and by visiting France. I have mentioned that my French is not so good these days, but hopefully I will have the opportunity to return to Paris and practice sooner than later!

The next part of the blog is written with consultation of Lucie, a friend and native French speaker. She is my current language partner who I practice French conversion with in preparation for that next big trip! Thanks for your input Lucie.

**please note: French accents aren’t added below**

Here are a few basic words:

Bonjour: Hello, good morning

Bonsoir: good evening

Oui: Yes

Non: No

S’il vous plait: please

Merci: thank you

De rien: you’re welcome

Basic phrases for a traveler:

Parlez-vous anglais?: Do you speak English?

Comment vas-tu? or (Comment) ca va?: How are you? (same meaning, different ways to say it)

Je vais bien or Ca va bien: I’m doing okay (same meaning, different ways to say it)

Comment t’appelle-tu? : What is your name?

Je m’appelle…… : My name is …..

Ou sont les toilettes? : Where is the restroom?

Ou se trouve l’hotel? : Where is the hotel?

Je suis perdu : I am lost

Combien ca coute? : How much is it?

Je voudrais de la biere : I would like some beer

Je voudrais du vin: I would like some wine

A few fun things to say:

Mon amour : My love

Je t’aime: I love you

Un petit peu: A little bit

Comme ci, comme ca : so,so (My kids have added this phrase to their regular vocabulary!)

Going over phrases with Lucie I realized that learning a few words are only a beginning for communicating in French, but it is a big step in the right direction. As they say practice makes perfect, and in my case I will keep practicing until I relearn the complicated verb tenses and can commute without translating everything in my head first.

(day 38)


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