It’s Been So Cold Outside that I didn’t know what to do

Brrr... It's cold

I live in Los Angeles. The weather in Los Angeles is mild compared to most of the United States. I don’t expect for it to be very cold here. The temperatures start out lower in the morning, rise in the afternoon, and then dip down at night. For almost two weeks now the temperatures were low in the morning, down to 32 degrees to be exact, and rose 10 to 15 degrees at the highest, and then dipped back down.

I’m not a whiner, but it has been darn cold here!! I love it when Angeleno’s complain about the humidity here. What they call humidity is a joke. I’ve experienced humidity in the Midwest and South where it’s been so thick that my glasses have fogged up going from air-conditioning inside to the heat outside.

Another weather condition that is dramatized in Los Angeles is rain. We have ‘horrible’ rain storms for a 24 hour period at most twice a year. It becomes the top news story and everyone is panicked, especially those poor commuters whose drive will now take 2 hours instead of 1 hour to reach home. I also have no sympathy for this having driven in rain so hard that I’ve had to pull to the side of the rode in the Midwest to let it clear up some. This current weather sucks!! It has been so cold here that I have taken drastic measures to deal with it.

I ignored the cold at first, silly me. I ended up sick and now I wear a coat and bundle up with a scarf, and I’m not wearing the scarf for fashion reasons! The kids are wearing multiple layers of clothes and scarves as well.

Driving to work the other day I saw someone taking a picture of icicles on a plant. It was so cold that dew was freezing on the plants! Now that is cold. The other day it was so cold that at my daughter’s school they told the children to go to their homerooms instead of staying outside for morning assembly. My son noticed it was cold too. He said a few days ago, “Mom, I don’t like it, it’s too cold outside.” To which I replied “I told dad we should have moved to Hawaii a few years ago, it doesn’t get cold in Hawaii”.

Downtown Los Angeles had temperatures down to 32 degrees a few nights ago and it was the lowest recorded temperature since January 29, 1979. This is serious business. We are fighting back with keeping the heat on in my house, drinking lots of hot cocoa and tea, and waiting for the sun to be warm again like we know and love. Good news, it started warming up today. Yes! Bless all of you that live in cold climates and cold winters. I’ll stick with the occasional random cold winter any day!

(day 37)


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