A formal introduction of my son, Matteo Leonardo

Matteo Leonardo

I blogged about my daughter previously, and thought today would be a good one to officially introduce my son, Matteo Leonardo. This is quite fitting as his 4th birthday is this upcoming Sunday, January 20th. Max and I really wanted to have 2 children. Finding out I was pregnant a second time I was excited and luckily had a smooth pregnancy. Visiting Italy and France during my pregnancy was more challenging though since you have a restricted diet, but it was all worth it!

We waited to find out what sex our child would be as we had done previously; I of course was 100% wrong both times! On the same day as the inauguration of President Obama Matteo Leonardo made his debut at 1:03pm. He was a scheduled caesarean section that came out as planned, on the same date as my mom’s birthday. Imagine our joy to find out that we now had a son.

Arriving home from the hospital I knew what was in store for the first months of having an infant. He did have a bought of jaundice, yellow color of the skin due to bilirubin, but we lucked out and didn’t have to return to the hospital to fix that. He has always been a big boy in size and started out with his healthy eating habits early on.

It has been fun and quite the learning experience having a boy. He is night and day different than his sister Malina. Always lots and lots of energy, and he has a big love for sports and playing with any type of ball. He does not like to sit still and we stay away from church for this reason. He loves me, his mom, more than anything and loves to cuddle. The other week I went to pick him up from preschool and he came charging at me, gave me a big hug and kiss, and then hugged my leg. Those are the moments that being a parent are so rewarded and then some.

He used to have long brown hair with blond highlights, but we eventually cut it. He now is a curly brunette with a smile that makes you have to smile back. I look forward to watching him grow up into a young man and look forward to all the adventures that Max, Malina and I will go through with this spirited, original thinking child.

I love you Matteo!!

(day 36)


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