I used the internet and friends’ advice to plan my wedding (Maui, Hawaii)

Maui Wedding

Max asked me to marry him. I said “yes”. We decided to keep it small and mellow since we did not have a lot of money and did not want a lot of stress. He said let’s go to Maui. I having never been there said yes… and off to the internet I went.

I love the internet. Someone has written something on just about everything. We needed a Catholic church for the ceremony. I found three small Catholic chapels online, two of which were on West Maui. One was in town and one was out in the country, in upcountry. I opted for upcountry in the mountains of Kula. We were married in the beautiful Portuguese community of Holy Ghost Mission. There were about 20 guests and we kept it very casual. I wore a bridesmaid dress that I found at a dress shop in downtown Los Angeles and Max was decked out in Tommy Bahamas.

I researched our flowers online. I was lucky enough to find a great local flower shop on the mountain roads up to the church. They turned out beautiful! We needed an organ player; that I picked word of mouth from the priest who married us. The photographer I also found online reading reviews and comparing prices, and wow there are so many to choose from online. This guy was great, taking pictures starting as I dressed to us all celebrating in the church after the ceremony. It was going to be too expensive to keep him through the night so my dad took over taking photos of us at the beach and later at the luau.

The reception was a luau. I looked at all the luaus in the area and after talking with a few friends who had been there I opted for The Old Lahaina Luau. It was perfect!! We had 3 tables, there were a few more wedding parties that day, and lots of other tourists. The last important internet detail was the hotel. A friend gave me maps and I researched South and West Maui deciding on the Kaanapali area. We loved that side of the island and we loved the condominium community. We still stay in West Maui. We hope to return this summer.

The internet helped us find great beaches, nice places to eat, and fun activities. Thank you “Mr./Mrs. Internet” and friends for helping me put together such a great wedding and honeymoon.

(day 32)


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