It’s Day 31 of Blogging Already!

My family

I can’t believe it is day 31 of blogging for me and I have not missed a day yet! Yeah!! It has been a good experience, and I have really enjoyed writing some each day. I used to want to write a book, or an article for a magazine, and blogging has been a great to get me back into the routine of writing.

A month into blogging and I still have not come up with a theme. Looking back I have written mostly about my family, travelling, and daily life. These are all important things to me so for the next month I plan to continue on this path. I would like to spend at least two days this month putting together photos of my travels, but I need to figure out the formatting of that all a little bit first before attempting again. My first attempt was “A Day in Pictures- Bologna, Italy”. “A day in Paris” is a must, and the other location will be a surprise for all including me.

At this point I have not really figured out how to use WordPress other than basic blogging functions, but hope to find time to ask a few friends who have WordPress accounts a few tricks so I can make my blog more visually appealing.

My kids have expressed interest in my blog and enjoy hearing me read about them when I focus on writing about my family. My husband is not a big fan of my blogging and has yet to look at what I have been doing for the last month.

I have told 5 people that I have a blog so far and given my link to 4 people. This month I plan on sharing this information with a few more people. Thank you for taking the time to read, like, and comment on what I have had to say.


(day 31)


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