I could not live without a babysitter!

My Kids Who Sometimes Need a Babysitter

When I was a teenager I used to babysit for a few families. Little did I know then what great help that small service could be. I did not make a lot of money looking after the kids, but enjoyed babysitting as I have always enjoyed children.

When Malina was a baby and I had to go back to work so we hired babysitters through listings that the local university had for college babysitters. Our first sitter was Kelsey and she looked after Malina until we ended up hiring a nanny to look after her more hours. We had two other babysitters who would help when Kelsey was not available.

Night time babysitters didn’t begin until we had two kids. The university had switched to online job postings at this point and I posted for my first babysitter. Over the years we have had some great babysitters, some okay babysitters, and one horrible babysitter. This is not a bad track record. The one horrible babysitter just did not show up for work one evening and never called to give an excuse or apologize. I’m glad she is gone! The wonderful babysitters have become a part of our family and treat the kids like their own children.

Currently I have a sitter over once a week so I can go out, catch up on things at home, and relax! We also have a babysitter come over for date nights, which is very important. If you don’t take time for your relationships who knows what will happen. We have not had an overnight away from the kids yet, but I’m hoping Max will be ready for that in the next year or two. Meanwhile I do my girls weekends occasionally and we do our date nights.

The babysitter definitely plays an important role in my house. The kids have an opportunity to do fun stuff that I don’t have time to do with them, I have a scheduled person time to do whatever I want, and we’re all happy. I could not live without a babysitter!

(day 29)


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