My fascination with Reality Television

My television

The first reality television show that I watched was the “The Real World”. That first season filmed in 1992 and set in New York City. Little did I know that show was one of the first American reality television shows that I would follow so intensely. I particularly enjoyed the third season shot in San Francisco. I learned from Pedro Zamora as he educated viewers about AIDS and saw his romantic relationship bloom into an onscreen gay marriage. That season also had “Puck” Rainey who worked as a bicycle messenger and was the epitome of a loser. He was always getting into trouble and not too well liked by the house. He eventually was kicked off the show. Just last year I heard on the radio that he was sent to jail here in Southern California for stalking an unidentified woman. Two other characters on the season, Judd Winick and Pam Ling ended up in a romantic relationship after the show and later married, which is not a common ending for a reality show. That series and season was the best that I saw from “The Real World”. They now are about to film ‘The Real World- Portland”, season 28. I no longer watch this show with my last viewing being a season or two about 10 years ago.

The next reality show that I really enjoy is “Survivor” which debuted in 2000. They take a bunch of people, put them on an island, and we watch them survive off the land and with added luxuries that they participate in challenges to win. Can I tell you that I’ve only missed one season of the show? I can’t even believe it. I would never want to be a contestant on this particular show because I can’t imagine life without all the convenience that we have. The show is still filming and running on television.

Another show that has kept me captivated through the years is “The Amazing Race” which debuted in 2001. This is the best show ever! I love to travel so watching teams travel around the world looking for clues to their next task and country is fabulous. I have seen places of the world that I would love to visit and others that are personal favorite vacation spots. I would so love to be a contestant on this show, but I have yet to complete an application and audition video. I have brought the video camera few times home when my immediate family is present, but haven’t convinced my dad or older brother to apply. I believe foreigners are not allowed on this show so I could not apply with my husband. This show is an Emmy Award Winner and here to stay for the next 10 years at least hopefully.

The last show I’d like to review as a favorite is the “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”. The former first aired on 2002 and I have watched every season except one. The latter first aired on 2003 and is also still airing. A third spin off is “Bachelor Pad” which started in 2010 and, yes, of course I also watch this show. In my opinion this show is somewhat I joke I have to admit. The premise of the original two shows is that a bachelor or bachelorette is put in a mansion with 25 contestants who also want to fall in love, and marry in the future. There have been 24 seasons combined of the two shows and only 3 marriages. I think that now many contestants are just trying to be on television and have a good time. Only a few are actually looking for love on television. My husband is not a big fan of this show, but is a trooper watching it most weeks with me on Monday evening when it is on.

I watch a number of other reality shows. The list is too long to even mention, but an honorable mention would have to be “The Biggest Loser” which Max and I were lucky enough to watch one of the earlier live finales here in Los Angeles. The better reality shows have me addicted and at this point I cannot imagine life without them. I suppose when they do finally end another will replace them, or perhaps I will start reading more to occupy my time. I have highlighted the first show that started me on reality television and some of my favorites. What are your favorites?

Topic tomorrow: Being an Au Pair in St. Maurice, Switzerland

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2 thoughts on “My fascination with Reality Television

  1. I love reality shows too, it seems like that’s all that’s on now. I was hooked with The Real World in New Orleans but stopped watching a few seasons after that. Now I watch Teen Mom whenever I have time to spare which isn’t often.

    • Reality tv can be addicting!! This season of “The Bachelor” has really captivated me. I look forward to watching the finale with a group of girlfriends. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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