Time to fight those extra pounds that I have put on

Matteo & I

I have never been skinny, but I wasn’t always overweight either. My weight has fluctuated 15 pounds here or there for quite some time. When I was younger I always had on mini-skirts and all the latest fashions. I was pretty active and ate sensibly.

Fast forward to age 30 and things were about to change. After I met Max and we settled into our relationship I became way comfortable and put on some weight. By the time we were married there were plenty of extra pounds hiding. I’m in good company, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported an all time high of 36% of Americans being significantly overweight in 2010.

When I originally gained weight I went on the Atkins diet before they had all the products that they use now. I bought the book, went to the grocery and changed my eating habits drastically. I also started going to the gym four times a week doing the elliptical for 30 minutes, weight training for 30 minutes, and my favorite swimming once a week. When everything was said and done I had lost 30 pounds. I looked and felt great.

Then I got pregnant and put on pregnancy pounds. It was nothing crazy, but still plenty of pounds to take off later. Learning about the ends and outs of motherhood, working full-time, and just being so busy I did not take the weight off. Then I was pregnant again, more pounds, busier than ever, but then I had even more weight to lose.

This time I opted for the Weight Watchers at Work Program. Taking much more time than the Atkins program that I was on previously I eventually was able to take off 35 pounds. I had no time to exercise and spent an hour once a week while at work in a Weight Watchers meeting on my lunch break. I was successful, but then I put the weight back on ever so slowly since you always had to track what you eat and I slowly lost interest in the program.

That takes me to now. I am busier than I have ever been and have taken to snacking on the side; particularly in the evening. I need to lose about 50 pounds to be in perfect health again. In the past I have had a little something click in my head that has put me on track to lose the weight. I haven’t heard any clicking yet!!

Nonetheless here’s the plan:
1. Increase my exercise; by walking with the kids, scheduled tennis time 2-3 times a month, and increase gym time
2. Changing eating habits; cutting out late night snacks, cutting out junk food, portion control

These will be the first steps- So now it’s time to fight those extra pounds that I have put on.. an update to come in a blog in a few months!

Topic tomorrow: My obsession with reality television

(day 26)


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