A Day in Pictures- Bologna, Italy

Today I’m going to do most of my writing in photos. My husband is from Bologna, Italy and I’ve visited there three times with him. Here are some shots showing off the beauty of his city and life for a typical Italian in no particular order.

Portici (Arches) of Bologna

Bologna has 666 portici (arches) that link the city with the Basilica Madonna di San Luca that sits on a huge hill overlooking the city. We walked up to the top once for great views, usually we drive, but walking is much more fun.

f.c. bologna

Italians love soccer. This is the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara of Bologna where F.C. Bologna (Football Club) play. I have a sticker on my car supporting the local team and only one time has anyone ever known what it is. An Italian guy that I drove past and asked for directions in Griffith Park immediately commented on it. Haven’t been to a soccer game in Bologna, but I was lucky to see the Real Madrid soccer team play once in Spain.


Is prosciutto the national meat of Italy? I’m not sure, but I love walking around Italian grocery stores taking in all the sights so different then what I see here at home. These hanging ham legs will soon be thinly sliced into the cured ham. Yummy!

neptune fountain

Next to the main square of Bologna you will find the Piazza Nettuno with the Neptune Fountain which is always a great spot to stop at and relax while exploring the city. It is also close to the Bologna Visitor’s Center which is a good place to go for maps and information.

an italian bar

Pictured here is Max in an Italian bar. I love the Italian bars. They serve alcohol, but that is not the main function, far from it actually. They have all types of drinks, snacks and sandwiches. You go here with your kids, your mom, your nonna (grandmother). You go here to play cards, talk and relax. I wish they had more of these here in Los Angeles.

olive oil

Italians love their olive oil. How many types can you see here? They use olive oil for almost everything and I am actually amazed at all the documented medicinal uses for it! Sometimes I have to laugh when Max tells me to use it for this or for that and then I look online and he’s right!! We took this photo at the wonderful cafeteria where we ate in downtown Bologna.

bo.- window

This photo is of a typical window that I saw walking the streets of Bologna. I thought it was pretty. Many of the apartments and condominiums of downtown Bologna have actually been remodeled and are quite modern.

Topic tomorrow: Time to fight those extra pounds I’ve put on

(day 25)


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