Vacation is over! Back to reality..

Enjoying Christmas Vacation

It’s Thursday now and I’ve been back to work for 2 days. I can’t believe vacation is over. For my office Christmas break is usually at least a week and even more with the weekends that fall between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

This year I did something I usually don’t do over break; I relaxed. Being an early bird I still woke up, but this vacation I stayed in my pajamas until late and lounged. My daughter slept in and my son slept more than normal. I spent quality family time without television playing and talking. I listened to Malina’s new ‘One Direction’ and ‘Selena Gomez’ CDs. My pre-tween is already acting the roll. We went to two movies in the theater and I rented at least 5 movies.

We celebrated the last day of vacation with a morning trip to the Rose Parade in Pasadena. The afternoon began with a nice lunch at the promenade with Max and a stroll enjoying each other’s company & people watching. Evening time I cooked my annual dinner of sausage and lentil stew and enjoyed the remains of my New Year’s Eve prosecco wine. And yes, I only cook once a year for Max, or two times if it’s a good year. He is the cook of the house although I cook regularly for the kids. Maybe this year I’ll learn to make another dish that fits his palate.

I woke up Wednesday morning in disbelief that I had to go back to work. Is it time to go back again already? The vacation continues for Malina as she enjoys that special time with mom and dad while we juggle work and parenthood. I want to cry that I’ll spend so little time with my kids and husband now, but then I remember that the next vacation, Spring Break, is less than 3 months away, and who knows where we will end up this summer for our big summer vacation. So for now vacation is over & it’s back to reality.

Topic tomorrow: A Day in Pictures – Italy

(day 24)


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