Musee de l'Orangerie

My favorite city in the world is Paris. I haven’t seen the world yet, but I have seen a lot of Europe. I have visited Paris many times, so many times that I don’t know how many times I have been there. My first visit was when I was 21 years old and my last visit was when I was 38 years old. I have stayed in many different places in Paris. I have stayed in hotels, hostels, friend’s places, and many different arrondissements (administrative districts/ areas) of the city. I have arrived via plane, via train and via bus.

I have met some amazing French people over the years both in France and in America. Some people call Parisians cold and unfriendly… what I have to say to that are:

1. There are some bad seeds in all places
2. I have seen quite a few ugly American’s who deserve that treatment

I used to ask myself why I like Paris so much. Why did I want to live here when I was younger; heck why would I want to live here now?? It all starts with my youth and having studied French in school. Understanding the language definitely helps. I also am a big fan of Impressionism, an art movement that formed in Paris. I love the Musee d’Orsay and Musee de l’Orangerie. The first museum that the kids ever went to was Musee de l’Orangerie; I’m ambitious, what can I say? Next time we’ll read about the Musee d’Orsay prior to going to Paris and visit the converted train station for the first time with the kids.

I love the energy of Paris, I love the spirit, I love the people, I love the architecture, I love the parks, I love the food, I love the Seine River, I love the language, and I enjoy the wine with a good meal, even though I am a beer drinker at heart (so I’ll be sure to have a Kronenbourg 1664 later on too).

I love the Eiffel Tower. I have at least 30 Eiffel Towers scattered around my house. I have scaled back since marrying Max, my Italian husband, but he even has a print with the Eiffel Tower and loves Paris too. He does have a ban though against my Coupe du Monde (World Cup soccer) poster from 1988 when France ultimately won the soccer championship beating Italy in the quarterfinals with penalty shots; it is not allowed up on our walls. As much as he loves Paris and France, he is Italian and sometimes the Italians and French don’t see eye to eye due to their long history.

My only regret about Paris is that I didn’t visit here with Max before having children. Paris is a very romantic city. My children love Paris. My daughter at age 6 has been to Paris twice and has fallen in love with the city too!! Maybe it’s because she sees the passion that I have for this city. We have made some great memories here with the kids. They are big fans of the Jardin d’Acclimatation and will probably ask to visit this spot until they are teenagers. My daughter first requested to visit this spot after reading about the children’s amusement park in a French children’s book that we have. I loved bringing them to this park and seeing them interact with French children when they speak so little French. All kids know how to have fun.

On each trip we stop at many of my favorite spots. We also stop at my husband’s favorite spots too. Next trip we hope to venture to the Chateau de Versailles for us and Parc Asterix for the kids. I can’t wait to make it to Charles to Gaulle or the Gare du Nord train station and begin another French adventure with my family who always allows me to enjoy Paris to its’ fullest.

Topic tomorrow: Vacation is over! Back to reality..

(day 23)


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