Why can’t I keep my house clean??

Household Cleaners

When I was single I cleaned pretty regularly and my apartment looked good. I had nice décor and never minded when someone stopped by. I used even clean Max’s place spot cleaning his carpets for those little stains that would show up. Fast forward two years and we’re married- the apartment still looks pretty good. Fast forward another two years and we have Malina in the picture.

I contacted a friend about his housekeeper shortly after returning from the hospital with Malina and in less than a week we hired Flora. She was great. I couldn’t speak with her because she only spoke Spanish, but Max who has a nice Spanish would call her and set up all the dates for me. She would come twice a month and kept our place looking great, plus she did laundry! I loved her. After settling into motherhood we eventually let go of Flora. I was on my own. Lots of dusk started to pile up. Max has always helped with vacuum duty as years earlier a vacuum ‘attacked’ me and I never took to them again.

Fast forward about another one and half years and we had a new housekeeper named Sylvia who came monthly. She also was recommended by a friend. I forgot how much help a housekeeper was and didn’t realize their value until two years later when I stopped using her service. I had called one day and she didn’t call back. I had to clean the place myself. It was time consuming, but I did it and I did an awesome job with it. She called me weeks later saying she had gone on vacation to Central America and at that point I decided that I could save money and do the cleaning myself. That takes me to present day. I’ve been cleaning myself for about 1.5 years now!

Why can’t I keep my house clean?? I think the answer is because I don’t have someone cleaning the place for me!!!!

I do the deep cleaning once a month and probably should do it at least every three weeks. The dust is a nightmare and for some reason I just don’t clean it until it’s that cleaning day, or days I should say. I often take two or three days to clean the whole place. We have toys all over and the kids are super messy with all their trinkets. I do keep the house in order though putting things back into their place daily, so that should count for something.

We will move sometime in the new year to a different place and at that point I’ll be calling Sylvia again to come help. A housekeeper is really good person to have available, and helps free up time to do other things like play with the kids!

Topic tomorrow: Love, 15, 30, 40, game- my passion for tennis

(day 20)


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