Having fun at Camp Snoopy, Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm Summer 2012

In Southern California there are three amusement parks in a very close proximity. The most famous is Disneyland, the next well known would be Knott’s Berry Farm, and a smaller park for kids is Adventure City. I have been to the first two parks and my focus of today’s blog is Knott’s Berry Farm.

Max and I went to Knott’s Berry Farm once on a whim when seeing a two for one coupon in the Sunday paper. It’s a great amusement park for adults. There are plenty of roller coasters and great food. The park was originally opened as a restaurant in the 1930’s around the famous fried chicken that Mrs. Knott’s made. What started out as a chicken place and then gained fame from the boysenberry and other yummy jams, then added a few attractions, and then later rides to pass the time while waiting in line sure has grown.

In 1983 a kids section of the park was opened and named Camp Snoopy. I first visited Knott’s Berry Farm with my kids two years ago on a play date with a girlfriend, her husband and son. My kids loved it although Matteo was somewhat scared of some of the rides being just under 2 years old at the time.

Knott’s Berry Farm is the ultimate affordable family fun membership destination in this area. Disneyland is great, but so expensive, especially since the 40% increase on passes that they put into effect this past summer. That brings me back to Knott’s Berry Farm; our current membership is $240.00 which includes 3 annual passes and parking. This is a great deal considering that we go at least once a month.

Camp Snoopy has it all for small children: Balloon Race, Camp Bus, Charlie Brown’s Speedway, Huff and Puff mini-mining cars, Log Peeler, Lucy’s Tugboat, Red Barron airplanes, Rocky Road Trucking Company, Snoopy Bounce, and Woodstock’s Airmail. There are more family rides throughout the park outside of the Snoopy themed area.

Please note I am now allergic to horses!! I’ve taken the Butterfield Stagecoach, a horse ride (real horses) with a stage coach, twice now and both times after the ride started sneezing, had my throat close up and my eyes water for 10 minutes. I have tried sitting inside and outside of the coach with no luck, oh well!!! Also please note my kids are afraid of the Calico Railroad, a steam train that goes through the park, because of the bank robbers that go through the train trying to hold the passengers up. My son still will not do the log ride, the Calico Mine Train, or watch the Mystery Lodge show due to fear.

Today we’re off to Camp Snoopy for the last time of 2012 with friends. I am looking forward to another family fun day surrounded by Charles Schulz’s famous Peanuts characters at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Topic tomorrow: I’ll take a beer over a girly drink any day

(day 18)


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