Ear Band-Its aka (also known as) a Johnny Mac

Matteo wearing a Johnny Mac

When Malina was little she had constant ear infections. When Matteo was almost two he had an ear infection that would not go away. It was so bad that he ended up with antibiotic injections in his bottom and was deemed a candidate for ear tubes. A month later we went in for the surgery and the infections ended.

I went into the procedure area with him and held him as they put him under anesthesia. My little boy was in my arms and lifeless after less than a minute. I also saw these two small ear tubes that were to be inserted into his ear drums.… so tiny, but so beneficial. When Matteo woke up from surgery he was a little terror, very out of it. My smart phone was a big blessing then as playing with it calmed him down. The surgery was two years ago this upcoming March and he has only had one ear infection since.

The hardest part of living with tubes was keeping water out of Matteo’s ears. The doctor had said that it would be extremely painful for him to have water enter the tubes. The biggest challenge came from bath time; washing his hair we needed protection to keep his ears safe. In addition being a family that loves to swim we spend quite a bit of time in the water. The doctor suggested we buy ear plugs and an Ear Band-It to keep the plugs in place. Online I ordered some right away.

He was back in the pool within weeks and he spent a little over a year wearing this contraption. I gave the Ear Band-It another name because when Matteo wore it with his long hair he looked like a very young John McEnroe. John McEnroe is a famous American tennis player who peaked in the 1980’s. At that point in his career he had long poofy hair and wore a head band to keep it back while playing tennis, and his nickname was Johnny Mac. My son looked very similar to him when wearing his Ear Band-Its. The name stuck.

I kept in close range of Matteo for the period that his tubes were in to make sure his Johnny Mac stayed in place and when the tubes fell out automatically but stayed in his ear we visited the Ear Nose and Throat specialist to have them removed. To this day when we see a child with an Ear Band-It we refer to it as a Johnny Mac.

Topic tomorrow: Another Year of Making New Year’s Resolutions

(day 15)


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