It’s time to get ready for Christmas!

Christmas Lights in Los Angeles

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. We decorate the place and the kids get excited. We celebrate Jesus’ birth with a ton of presents around the tree and we go to church. On a good year we are able to celebrate with my family in New Orleans and other years we make our own traditions here in California. Sometimes we go to San Diego and sometimes we stay in Los Angeles. This year we will stay at home which is good; no need to take all the presents on the road.

I love to prepare for everything including the holidays. This year I bought my first Christmas present in September! I was definitely off to a great start. Around Thanksgiving time I pulled out all of the decorations. My daughter was off school that afternoon and could help set everything up. She had a great time unwrapping the decorations deciding where to put everything. By the time her brother and dad came home we were surrounded by a winter wonderland.

Then out came the Christmas music. I have a few songs from the ‘Barenaked Ladies’ Christmas album on my iPod & phone that I listen to all year long; they really are that good!! We have around 15 CD’s combined of holiday music sitting in the living room year round. This time of year I am so excited to hear everything and dance around with the kids.

Malina has learned Christmas songs at school which is a lot of fun. She’s often walking around singing her favorites and when she hears something she knows on the stereo she is very excited. We went to her school’s holiday show just this past Friday and it was so heartwarming putting me even more in the holiday spirit. And then it was time for Christmas vacation to begin.

After days and days of putting together all the presents, ordering online, and hiding everything in the closet we are ready! Yeah. Well actually tonight will be a ton of work wrapping gifts, but the kids will be soo excited when they see what Santa brought them.

This year the stockings have been a blessing. I have stressed to the kids that when behaving at bed time Santa is very happy with them and leaves something in their stockings. Daily they wake up wanting to see if Santa had time to visit. I told them yesterday that he’s taking a break because he’s coming back with lots of stuff on Christmas day. That night Matteo acted up.. hmmm…..

Tomorrow we listen to Christmas music, open gifts, go to church, and enjoy being at home together making new Christmas memories that will last a lifetime.

Topic tomorrow: Wearing Ear Band-Its aka (also known as) a Johnny Mac

(day 14)


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