I love to swim!

The Pool

I learned how to swim in kindergarten when I was 5 years old. As a kid I swam every year, all summer at the local JCCA’s pool (Jewish Community Center Association). They had one of those water logs and I’d spend hours there every day meeting and hanging out with friends. Those were some of the best summers biking there in the morning, swimming, eating lunch, swimming and then biking back home in the evening; so simple but lots of fun. One summer I did summer camp at the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) and my parents didn’t tell me that we swam twice a day. I was very excited that first day when I found out that we’d have the chance to swim again. When I was little I hated to do laps, I thought those silly adults. Now all that I do is lap swim!! What a great time to think and have ‘me’ time.

Through the years living in California I’ve always found a public pool where I could lap swim. For 8 years I belonged to the YMCA and religiously swam every Saturday 90% – 95% of the year. It was a very good period of my life. I started both of the kids swimming at 6 months with mommy and me classes. They too love the water. My daughter has taken private lessons for the past two years and this past summer she finally was confident and good with her swimming. She passed the deep end swimming test and I was so proud. Perhaps I’ll finally have someone to take scuba diving with!

I swim in the ocean too, but not often. Unfortunately the Pacific Ocean on the west side of Los Angeles is polluted. I prefer to swim with a partner too and my husband doesn’t swim in the water here often. Put us in Italy or Hawaii and we are swimming all over. Put me in San Diego and I’m more likely to swim. I still frequent the beach with the kids and they now both enjoy playing in the water. My youngest was never a big cold water freak so I was especially happy that he can now tolerate the temperature of the water over the summer. This past year I did have one day by myself at the beach and just had to swim. Coming back to shore I was disgusted by the trash rolling in with the waves and the’cappuccino foam’ on the shore from the ocean. I took a shower when I came home and was glad I did not lose any body parts!

Favorite swimming spots would have to be:

(1) The outdoor pool that I currently belong to (see above). It is surrounded by trees and silence, so peaceful and relaxing. I swim here weekly weather dependent. Membership on hold now, something about swimming when it’s so cold outside that my limbs freeze when the leave the water; can’t do it!!

(2) The outdoor pool at the Yosemite Lodge. This pool that has spectacular views of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Tour guiding I always looked forward to that break to swim and soak up nature.

(3) I’ve really enjoyed swimming in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tuscany, Italy the last two summer vacations we’ve taken. Clean and calm water I’ve swam in while staying in the towns of Marina di Grosseto and Castiglione di Pescaia. Early morning swims here are incredible.

(4) Makena “Big” Beach is located in South Maui and I love to swim here. First visited here on my honeymoon. It is beautiful and peaceful and has good waves for body surfing. I prefer to swim past the break and do my laps. I can’t wait to get back here here; it’s been too long!

Topic for tomorrow: My pseudo obsession with concerts

(day 11)


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