The car alarm remote is NOT working!!

Beach Cruser

I went home for lunch yesterday. I try to do this at least once a week to spend time alone with my husband while the kids are in school. After lunch he left to go to the gym. I stayed home another 10 minutes picking up and then went downstairs to the car to return to work. My car alarm remote did not work, very strange. I pressed the unlock button over and over again, no luck. Five minutes later I decided it was not going to work.

I called my husband for advice and he had none. I was going to be on my own for this adventure. I ran into a neighbor in the hall and when they asked how my day was going I told them about my car not working. They offered no help. I miss the days when a neighbor actually cared about your wellbeing and tried to help out.

Upstairs I took apart the alarm’s remote and decided that the battery must be dead, or at least I hoped that was the problem. My car is almost 9 years old and I’ve never changed the battery on my car alarm remote. I tried a few screwdrivers before successfully taking out the screw. Inside was a little battery. I had never seen this type of battery before. Knowing I’d be late to work I called my co-worker and told her about the situation. She looked online for an auto parts shop and drugstores nearby. She also looked up the battery type and said I should be able to find it at the drugstore.

I called the drugstore to confirm that the battery was there. I was lucky that instead of taking the bus to an auto parts shop I could walk. Even better I could take my bike. I changed into a pair of sweats and flip flops and prepared for the journey. Unfortunately the front tire of my bike was flat so I had to walk to the gas station to pump it up. I had just a single one dollar bill with me and was glad that the attendant turned on the air for me without making a purchase. I didn’t have to even attempt to get change.

With my freshly pumped tires I was off to the drugstore. I opted for the sidewalk since I don’t have a helmet. I usually only take my beach cruiser bike to the beach; besides riding bikes on the street is dangerous. People moved to the left and right for me as I cruised down the sidewalk, and when I stumbled upon window washers in the way I rode in the grass to avoid them. I was quickly there. No sign of a bike rack so I took my bike inside with me, bought the battery and rode back home.

Upstairs I changed the battery and reassembled my car alarm remote hoping that was the problem. I dressed for work and went downstairs to try it out. I felt that I was successful with my assessment since now a little red light went off when I pressed the unlock button on the remote. It worked! It worked!! Arriving back to work an extra 1.5 hours later everything was okay.

I did receive one text while biking from my husband checking to see if I was okay. After I was safely at my desk I texted him back saying that I had handled the problem with some help from my co-worker. From this experience I learned two things. First I was a little amazed at how people didn’t stop to help me with my problem, and I was made aware of how unfriendly Los Angeles is for bike riders. I’ll definitely be sure to keep a better look out for people biking on the streets!

Topic for tomorrow: I love to swim

(day 10)


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