Seventh day blogging (BoxTops for Education)


Topic of the day: BoxTops for Education

Before I enlighten those of you who do not know what BoxTops for Education is I would like to take a moment to congratulate myself for blogging 7 days straight! On my first blog I mentioned that I had started meditating every night before bed just days before starting to blog. Well, I’m not meditating anymore, but I am still blogging. I hope that I can continue this blogging journey, and I hope to learn what WordPress is all about. At this point all I have done is write and figure out limited features. I look forward to learning more about WordPress and how to make my blog the best that I can do!

Before I knew what a BoxTop was I saw them frequently on my cereal boxes. I threw them out when the box was empty and continued to do so until I became involved with the program. BoxTops are little coupons for 10 cents each located on items ranging from grocery store purchases, to office supplies, to paper products. They can also be collected electronically from shopping and participating in grocery store promotions. You may ask why people care so much about these little BoxTops. I’ll tell you why- they are worth money for schools across the U.S.A. Some schools have collected thousands and thousands of dollars with this program. It is all about how many people become interested in the program and support it.

I started collecting BoxTops about 2 ½ years ago. It became slightly addicting- I challenge those of you who are American to save the BoxTops you see on your products. Donate them to your local school if you do not have school aged children or grandchildren. I began buying certain items in the grocery slightly different and ordering a certain type of paper in the office for more BoxTop opportunities. When the opportunity presented itself to help the teacher running the program at my son’s school I stepped up to help. Now I run the program and have helped it grow, grow, grow. I run promotions, raffles, set up information tables and give out prizes to the kids. I am also constantly emailing, making posters and flyers to go to parents. I have BoxTop room parents that help me, and additionally I have two assistants that help keep everything running smoothly with the program. It does take a good chunk of time to keep running with success, but I feel great when the check comes in and the school can buy things for the students that they wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise.

Topic Tomorrow: Welcome to parenthood- birth of my daughter Malina


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