Fifth Day blogging (Where do the weekends go to?)

Hiking Boots

Topic of the day: Where do the weekends go?

This morning I woke up and began working on my blog by 6:00am. I hope I can keep this passion going for the next 360 days! Today was day 3 of waking up at 5:00am. Day 1 it was my son, day 2 it was my daughter and today my husband’s sick cough. I’m not holding my breath that I will sleep until 6:00am tomorrow which is my usual wake up time, but let’s see.

Yesterday after work it took me almost an hour to travel 4 miles between work and home. First I went to pick up my son which isn’t a quick task since I always talk with his teachers about his day. From there we went to pick up my daughter which included talking to the daycare staff. Traffic was horrible at the university where I work, and I was super mad at the traffic officer who made me do an unnecessary loop around the campus that added an additional 7 minutes to my first pick up. To say the least I was extra excited to arrive home. After changing clothes, sorting through backpacks and hanging them up we moved on to the stockings.

Of note my daughter received her report card yesterday and had awesome grades- congratulations Malina! I was particularly happy about her grade in Spanish as the kids have a Spanish tutor a few times a month on the weekend since the beginning of summer. They already speak Spanish much better than I do, but to my defense I studied French in school and later Italian to have an understanding of what my husband is saying to family and friends.

Getting back to the story — stockings are a big deal in our house. It’s a great way to get the kids to behave because they always want something to be in there from Santa in the morning. I see them talking up in the sky to Santa as well wishing for this and that. Yesterday was a good day for them because they each had something in there, new DVDs. Our morning had been so busy that they forgot to look. To go along with his Batman movie my son put on his costume to be one with the caped crusader and jumped around acting out the action scenes. While they watched the movie I took advantage of the time doing a few loads of laundry and folding them.

This morning after working some on my blog I finished laundry duties. Other items on the agenda for this weekend included a quick trip to Michael’s to pick up Christmas frame ornaments for the grandparents, an early beach walk/scooter ride to get some exercise in for me, and a drop-off birthday party for my daughter. Sunday will be more mellow with a play date with some college friends.

For today my early rising son was up by 6:00am and the princess woke up by 7:30am which officially started my Saturday. The day did zoom by, as will tomorrow, and before I think too much it will be Monday morning before I even notice. Where do the weekends go???

**On a different note my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and town affected by the shooting yesterday in Connecticut.

Topic Tomorrow: Le Jardin du Luxembourg


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